Seller Spotlight: Beloved Brownies

September 27, 2014

This month we put Lisa Course from beloved Brownies under the spotlight. Buy beloved Brownies here!


How and When did you start Beloved Brownies?

Beloved Brownies was started properly on April 18th which was when the website went live. That was great as Easter is such an important time for my family. We always celebrate it with a large party. For us its about new beginnings.

Who or what is your inspiration? 

My love of baking was my inspiration to make a living out of something I love. Its just the best thing!

What makes your brownies so special?

I feel my brownies are special as I use the best quality ingredients. I also use free range eggs. When my ladies (Blossom, Bluebell, Vivienne, Florence, Dotty, Betsy, Betty & Rita) lay their eggs I always use them. I also put lots of happy thoughts & lots of love into them.

Whats your favourite flavour and why?

My favourite flavour out of the 10 that I bake is Raspberry. I love the sharpness from the fruit & its also ! of my 5 a day! My children love the salted caramel & Rocky Road.

(starting from left: Rocky Road, Chocolate & Raspberry)

Whats a typical day for you?

On my baking days I always aim to have the ovens on by 5.30 am. However when its really hot I start at 2am. I also bake for local coffee shops, farm shops & celebration cakes. So my day normally ends at 8pm.

Do you have any tips for keen brownie bakers?

When I started baking brownies to sell I tried so many different recipes. In the end after 2 weeks I finally came up with my own recipe which I was finally happy with. My advice to others is trial & error. Never give up!

What is your most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or disastrous?

My most memorable moment in my kitchen was just before I was going on holiday. I had to bake 2 weeks worth of cakes for all the shops. I started at 2am & finished at midnight! Seeing all the cakes boxed made me feel very proud of my achievement!

What is your favourite ingredient, the one you couldn't live without ?

My favourite ingredient for baking is a good quality dark chocolate. 

Who is your favourite foodie? (Be it enthusiast, professional or novice)

I love Nigella Lawson. At Christmas I always pretend to be her by wearing my heels whilst cooking!

What is your favourite cookbook?

I love the Hummingbird Cook book its got some great recipes in.

If you could banish one ingredient to Room 101 what would it be?

I dislike Vanilla Essence. You should always use vanilla extract or vanilla bean!

If castaway on a desert island which 3 things would you take with you and why ?

If I was a castaway. I would have to take my family. if I cant take them then I would have my iPhone then I could phone them. I could also take lots of photos. lastly I cant live without mascara!!!

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