5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Fairtrade Chocolate

As Fairtrade Fortnight approaches (27th Feb – 12th March) here at Funky Food Gifts HQ we thought it an opportune moment to showcase some of our wonderful Fairtrade Chocolate.

The Organic Seed & Bean range have some beautiful chocolate in gift boxes and hampers making perfect gifts. RAWR which is both Organic and Vegan make mini bars in delightful flavours such as Goji Berries and Vanilla.   

Seed and Bean Favourites Hamper   

Before you pop over to our CHOCOLATE SHOP to treat yourself or a friend or loved one to some chocolate this Fairtrade Fortnight, we thought you might like to know some key reasons why you should buy Fairtrade. 

  1. Buying Fairtrade products can help reduce poverty as Fairtrade means fair pay and working conditions for farmers and producers.
  2. Workers on Fairtrade farms enjoy safe working conditions and sustainable wages. Forced child and slave labour are strictly prohibited.
  3. Fairtrade certified products are free of genetically engineered
  4. The Fairtrade license fees generate funds, which are given to the Fairtrade communities. This money is specifically designated for social, economic and environmental development projects such as schools.
  5. Fairtrade can often mean better tasting food. Farmers are involved and invested in the entire production process, and crops are grown and harvested in smaller quantities. As a result, Fairtrade food can be fresher and tastier.

To support Fairtrade Fortnight this year and to enjoy some delicious Fairtrade chocolate visit our CHOCOLATE SHOP



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