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June 19, 2016

"To Give To Keep or To Share" whatever the reason or occasion our unique fortune cookies make the most magical whilst delicious gifts at the same time.

At Cracking Cookies we have taken the original concept of a fortune cookie and transformed it into something that would make even Willie Wonka’s factory look boring! Keep reading to find out "Where" fortune cookies came from, "Why" they make fabulous gifts and "What" we offer.

"Where" (The mysterious origin of the fortune cookie).

They are actually an American invention originating in California. There are many theories, and much speculation surrounding the mysterious origin of the fortune cookie. As to in which city the fortune cookie originated and as to who invented it, Chinese-American, Japanese-American or 14th century revolutionists, there has been much debate. In 1983, there was even a mock trial held in San Francisco's pseudo-legal Court of Historical Review to determine the origins of the fortune cookie.

(Michelle) I am one of 2 founders and creators of Cracking Cookies. I am also a great fan of fortune cookies, but when I say fan I am referring solely to the actual concept of having a fortune / message encased inside a cookie. After many years and an awful lot of uneaten and discarded fortune cookies later and watching so many other people do exactly as I would, which was to excitedly and in anticipation crack open my fortune cookie but be very quickly disappointed by the bland and terrible taste and the cardboard like texture followed by quite often an uninspiring fortune inside. My excitement and anticipation of my unknown fortune quickly disappeared and this is the sole inspiration behind the creation of Cracking Cookies!



Just imagine a delicious handcrafted cookie shell crafted with flavours from Gingerbread, Raspberry and Vanilla Bean to our delicious Classic Chocolate. Each one baked and then folded into the iconic shape of a fortune cookie each surrounding your very own personalised message fortune slip. Each one baked by hand by our dedicated team of cookie crafters. Fortune cookies were once a bland, boring, uninspiring vessel for carrying a fortune now................. they are a delicious box of delights fit for any occasion whether it be for a birthday, a thank-you, an announcement, a celebration,  a special occasion, or just to relay any message in a unique, quirky, memorable way.

Our fortune cookies really do make the perfect gift and bring back the excitement and anticipation of cracking open your fortune cookie and capturing the true power of surprise in a unique and memorable way!



Well we have over 25 signature flavours which we launch seasonally alongside limited edition flavours to get your taste buds dancing. Some of our flavours include Raspberry and Honey, Orange and Cardamom, Salted Caramel and Banana, Vanilla Bean and Mint Chocolate to name a few. However the magic begins with your chosen flavours all gift boxed ready to give for any occasion. You may choose our individually boxed fortune cookie with your very own personalised message inside, or maybe our gift box of 6 or 12 personalised fortunes cookies is just what you are looking for with each one containing your very own range of messages.

These also include our range of occasion gift boxes, for example; with your chosen birthday message on one side of your fortune and your personalised message on the reverse. Either way our personalised offerings are sure to deliver that all important message in a perfect and magical way. However you can also choose our Traditional Gift Boxes of fortune cookies with your fortune sealed inside each cookie. Maybe our themed fortune cookies are what fit your occasion including our Entertainment themed messages containing a selection of charades and fun, unfortunate fortunes, conversation topics and challenges which are an ideal accompaniment to any dinner party or gathering and guaranteed to create a fantastic atmosphere at any party or event, with lots of belly laughs and great memories. But don't forget our fun Un-Fortunate fortunes, which are created like a Russian roulette, including traditional fortunes with a few "fun" unfortunate fortunes thrown in for some laughter and smiles with friends and family. (Maybe one to avoid if you’re meeting your in-laws for the first time though.)

The power of surprise is MAGICAL create your own magic today and send someone a gift box of your very own fortune cookies and to say thank-you we are offering 10% of your order with us at Funky Food Gifts, enter CRACKINGCOOKIES10 at the checkout to receive the discount! Valid until 17th July


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