Victoria's Vintage Birthday

Birthday Treat for Victoria's Vintage

So it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't do much on my actual birthday, but Liam took me to London for a couple of nights a the weekend and we stayed in a gorgeous hotel, but I'll do a separate post for that! On my birthday after work my Mum did a mini tea time for me and the family with plenty of cake and scones. I had a custom cake made for me by a local cake baker, which she decorated with a bright blue background and painted roses onto the cake.. so cute! It was vanilla with buttercream and jam and it was huge!

I also had some
cake pops from Funky Food Gifts, in three different flavours; lemon, chocolate, and red velvet. These make a really cute table decoration as you can stand them up in a vintage style jar or glass and tie them up with ribbon. They were really yummy balls of cake wrapped in melted chocolate and decorated with sprinkles!