Cookie-Art LONDON

Welcome to Cookie-Art LONDON. My name is Szilvia Siklosi, I am the owner of Cookie-Art London.

Since I was a child I loved to be in the kitchen..we spent a lot of time baking with my mother and sisters together. There were two things I was keen on..gastronomy and arts and craft. I trained as a pastry chef in London and worked in high end pastry kitchens until I decided to start my own business and do what I like the most...baking and especially decorating!

I keep to my country`s tradition with my cookies as I am using a more than 200 years old recipe but I decorate them with modern delicate patterns. The cookies are made from a gingerbread recipe but what makes it a little bit different is that it contains honey. Honey makes the cookies a bit softer and long lasting. There are no artificial flavours and additives in these cookies yet they keep up to a year.

Normally we associate gingerbread with Christmas ... I grew up making these cookies with my mother and sisters every Christmas...we put them on the Christmas tree as decoration and of course we ate them as well..they are so delicious.

But where I come from gingerbread is not just for Christmas. In Hungary, starting from the late 18th early 19th century the red heart gingerbread was a love gift. It had a special decoration which was a small mirror in the middle and had some lovely icing around, usually floral patterns. The young men bought them for the girl they fancied or intended to marry on a special day - the day of the Church Saint. On this special day every town and village had a fair with amusements, food, candies and sweets and of course gingerbread. You can still find this tradition but nowadays everybody buys them for their friends, parents and loved ones.

All the cookies are made by hand even the dough. The icing I am using is traditional royal icing and the patterns on the cookies are piped by freehand. 

So please welcome my decorated gingerbread cookies I hope they give you as much joy and happiness as they do for me.

Szilvia xx