“Once upon a time, in the Eastern corner of the Kingdom, there was a flat but chocolatey wonderland called Gnawfolk. Deep in the heart of this rural treasured land squirrels lived in perpetual sugar-high harmony, munching away on mouth-wateringly melty treats and enjoying experimenting with fantastical flavours…”

Having spotted a gap in the market for a fun-loving, engaging brand of high quality chocolate, Teri and Matt Legon embarked on a voyage down the chocolatey rivers of enterprise in 2011. Since then, work at the factory has exploded (not literally – that would make for a exceptionally sticky mess and some rather shocked squirrels!) and Gnaw has gone from strength to strength. With a growing team at the factory, supported by a small yet committed army of squirrel helpers, we have won a number of awards – including the EDP’s Best New Business Award in 2012.

Our range of chocolate treats offers a fun twist on familiar flavours, as well as some outrageously frivolous new taste experiments that have gone down brilliantly with choccie fans everywhere. Our muncharific chocolate bars have been made with only natural ingredients, without any of those pesky little artificial flavourings or colours. Chocolate comes from the seeds (more commonly called beans) of the pod-like fruit that grow on the cacao tree. The beans are harvested, fermented, dried, roasted, cracked, slammed, rolled, sweetened and ‘conched’ – all so you and your buddies can enjoy chomping our scrummy bars. We source premium chocolate from West Africa and Brazil, using ethical suppliers. Gnaw chocolate is made with a high percentage of cocoa, using only the best quality cocoa butter. Ooh, yum!

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