The London Jam Factory

INCEPTION: I had the idea a long time ago. But preparing jams really started when my mother gave me her preserving pan that she bought from my favourite kitchen shop in Paris E. Dehillerin (worth a visit by the way!). In making jam, I  have discovered the love of fruits, their perfume, the colours, the contrasts between fruits and spices or herbs, and the combination of incongruous flavours and texture. I wanted to share this with my family, my friends and with you! The London Jam factory has started !

ALCHEMY: Fruit, Fruit, Fruit At the LONDON JAM FACTORY we are proud to be very selective with our fruit ! Our jams contain more 2/3 of fruit with 1/3 of sugar. No wonder why the jams are super tasty, and healthy !

Respect The Season At the LONDON JAM FACTORY we do choose the best fruits to make the jam. That includes choosing the product at the right moment. We go regularly to the market in order to select the best fruits available and privilege locally produce fruits.

Good Old Tradition There is a good reason why the traditional recipes where cooked in a copper pan with no more than 4kg of fruit.. It is scientifically proven that these makes the difference... and At the LONDON JAM FACTORY, we use traditional method to do it, without cutting any corners !

Lets Talk About Sugar Sugar is crucial in the art of making Jam... But there are always too much sugar in any jams you find in supermarket or in other home made jams. . At the LONDON JAM FACTORY, we use HALF of the amount of sugar that other jam contains. This is why you have more fruit in the jam than any others !


Pierre-Louis Phelipot,Confiturier

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