Discover Our Current Fortune Cookie Flavours

We have created over 20 signature flavours of fortune cookies from an abundance of delicious and natural ingredients. We rotate these flavours every quarter. Our current range include:

Chai Spice & Sweet Vanilla

Apple Pie: Now this one is special........A creamy delicious base infused with our very own air dried apples and all mixed up with some traditional apple pie spice to give you delicious treat bursting with good fortune.....but I wouldn't recommend putting custard over this cookie!

Vanilla Bean: Simple but Stupendously delicious........a blend of ingredients to deliver a fortune cookie bursting with creaminess, crunchiness and an abundance of Vanilla Bean....oh and your fortune of course!

Gingerbread: A truly tasty favourite. Forget those bland gingerbread men, this fortune cookie is crafted from a blend of ginger, cinnamon and fresh nutmeg, all mixed together with butter and vanilla bean, and a few secret ingredients. Any fortune or message would be a pleasure to retrieve from this smart cookie.

Classic Chocolate: Pure and simple! Who wouldn't love to retrieve their special personalised message or fortune, encased and baked inside a fortune cookie crafted from the finest Barry Callebaut 100% pure cocoa, blended with a range of the most delicious ingredients to deliver a truly chocolate delight. Go on... you know you want to!!

Peppermint: A treat for all minty lovers out there with a blend of madagascan vanilla bean and the finest peppermint oil to create a delicious creamy peppermint taste not overpowering in peppermint but creamy to taste and what we call simple but definitely divine!