Kale Recipe Book

 Get to know the wonderful kale!
 Jammed with recipes and photographs
 The ideal add-on gift for a foodie
 Written by Christopher Trotter, Fife's Food Ambassador 


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  • A paperback book with recipes and photographs for the wonderful kale.

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    Kale is the iconic Scottish vegetable. Tolling bells in Edinburgh were named after it, Children were called in for their dinner with the words “come in for your kale” The back yards of Glasgow tenements were called Kailyards because it was the only thing which grew there. It is also synonymous with Scotland because it can survive a harsh Scottish winter and I can wander into my snow-clad garden and the only thing visible are the tops of the vibrant green leaves thrusting through the icy carpet. Indeed, like the brussels sprout, the flavour changes from a mild to a more spicy flavour after it has been frosted, when some of the starch has been converted to sugar. The deeply intense flavours marry well with spices, nuts and fruit.

    Kale is undergoing a renaissance, for years it has been seen as food fit only for cattle or as a vegetable your granny used to put in soup, but at last its nutritional properties are being appreciated, that and the fact that it survives a harsh winter and chefs are starting to use it in dishes attracted by the vibrant colours and textures .

    This little book following in the steps of Beetroot and Courgette offers a variety of recipes and ideas from “Sea kale with black butter” to “Spiced kale with coconut milk and smoked hake” it offers varietal information and details of kales nutritional qualities. Once again each recipe is accompanied by a superb photograph taken by my wife Caroline, I hope that you are inspired by them and the recipes and that you will go out and support your local farm shop or greengrocer. Or for those of you who gets the weekly veg box you will no longer throw up your arms in horror when the veg box arrives for the fourth successive week with a pile of the green stuff. Grasp this little book and march confidently into the kitchen and cook with Kale!

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