The Spon Set

 A wooden spoon with 2 backs!
 One pair of carved beech Spons
 A perfect gift for a novice to an expert cook
 Helps make perfect porridge and cake batter!


by The Spon Co

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  • One pair of carved beech Spons - the perfect for gift for any cook from a novice or to an expert!

    What is a Spon? Simple, it is a derivation of the spoon – only's a spoon with 2 backs!

    The Spon is a stirring implement that not only doesn’t clog but produces a consistently smoother and more aerated mix than the traditional stirring spoon. When stirring cake mix with a traditional spoon you end up with lumps of mix in the bowl of the spoon. This results not only in the frequent stops to “de-clog” the spoon but produces an inconsistent mix.

    The two backs and extra weight at the “business end” means greatly increased beating power. This means that, for most baking recipes, all the ingredients can be measured straight into the bowl with no need to sift flour or beat the eggs, thus reducing preparation time and clean-up.

    The same applies when deglazing a pan or making a roux, scrambled eggs or porridge.

    With no spoon bowl to clog with mixture and extra weight, everything mixes together quickly and easily.

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    We are happy to offer a full refund if not satisfied (not happened so far with 14000 sold) and we offer a lifetime replacement guarantee (this does happen occasionally, they are made of wood). Please contact